Cousin Thomas in Town (and getting involved in the Greens)

My cousin Thomas was down for a green party event, and it was lovely as always to catch up with him. He is running as a candidate in Palmerston North and was down helping out on some Green committee that he’s on. It’s really nice being able to host him for a change, as we have stayed lots at his place, most recently on our bike across Europe good times.

I’ve also decided to get a bit more involved in the Greens this year, helping out a little with their database queries etc.. There really is an insane amount of data, and it’s not easily catagorised.. I dunno, when you see articles like this one it makes me wonder somewhat what the point is? I mean, do humans really have the capacity to look beyond a short timescale and do something truly altruistic for the people who are coming after us? I’m not at all sure we do. In fact, here’s my question ->

Climate change is all about how much C02 we put into the atmosphere. If we use less energy we’ll pollute less. The less energy we use, the less comfortable our lives are going to be. So, how do you, in a democracy, get people to vote to take a cut in their standard of living?

I’m all ears.

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  1. Veronica Bartlett

    Great to hear that you are are helping out the Greens. NZ needs them and so does Canada and Sweden…and the U.S.(most of all).

    We are trying our bit to not destroy our planet, but it is too easy to make bad choices..get in the stupidly large truck to buy a liter of milk, etc. We are lazy and stupid and the planet won’t miss us when we die out…sad but true.


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