Out on the town

Quite a social month this one. We had two comedy gigs to go out to one with Ed Byrne and the other with Dylan Moran. Interestingly they were on consecutive days.  I enjoyed them both, Ed Byrne probably had the edge this time. I thought the press was pretty mean about Dylan, though they did partly roll back their commentary. I definitely didn’t think he was drunk or slurring or anything like that. He kept on referring to previous comments later on in the night, no one who’s drunk would be doing that. No, I think it’s just his schtick to be honest.

I also had my first alcohol in 3 months. It was a (failed) experiment to see whether it would cut down on feeling tired (maybe it’s just life ;). It didn’t seem to make me feel much more alert. That said, I definitely noticed that Saturday mornings after a couple of beers were a bit easier. I think I’ll be drinking less alcohol, but, certainly not zero, even if that seems to be the current guidelines, at least in Canada.


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  1. For clarity; you’ve started drinking on Saturday mornings?

    • Teach me not to proof read twice ;) But no, haven’t started drinking on Saturday mornings yet. A couple of pints after work on Friday over a game or two of chess is enough for me ;)

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