Wellington and Palmy

I decided to take advantage of my current work situation (contracting remotely) and so I headed up to Wellington for the week and stayed at Glynn & Jaynes. It was lovely, as ever, to see them. It really is a shame that they live up in Wellington! hey ho. Still, good excuse to visit. Glynn and I went for a wee bimble around the Karori wildlife sanctuary, quite a long fence line (I’m totally out of shape). I also played one of the more fun co-operative games that I’ve ever played pandemic.

On the Thursday my cousin Thomas picked me up (hurrah that he’s back in New Zealand, running for election this year with the greens). Very cool to get to catch up with him, and to meet the latest arrival to the family with the arrival of William & Buzz’s Phoenix. Also, my Aunt dug out some old pictures ;) I’ve hardly changed you’d have to say.

So yes, really great to be able to take advantage of remote working & catch up with family and friends. While I definitely definitely miss some things (quite a lot of things) about not being in a team, I do really enjoy the flexibility. It’s weird being a contractor though! Sending invoices, having a company, accountants, service contracts, co-working spaces, managing communication with the client, trying to implement better practices. Who knows how long it’ll last, but, it’s good for the moment.

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