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So, arrived into Palmerston North and was immediately a little shocked!. Not by the puddles which were on the ground, they were almost a novelty after the month without rain in Christchurch. No, the shock came from my Aunt Mary! It was very strange – I’d never really thought there was a huge family resemblance between mum and her.. but wow – they look incredibly similar. So that shook me for a sec! – just a sec mind ;) it was almost like ‘Wow, wasn’t expecting to see you here for Christmas mum, thought you were still in Uganda’

So yeah, that was strange. Then finally off to see the house which so many of my family have visited. Stupidly forgot to take a picture of it, but the entire house (and it’s quite large) is just on piles. So you can quite literally pick the house up and move it, if you’re so inclined.

Which my Aunt (Mary) recently did – well about 6 years ago they built two houses on a portion of their property, and firstly they just picked up their house and moved it off to one side.

As you do! :)

They’ve just sold them both, but the handover isn’t until 10th Jan. The upshot being that Maeve and I got the house to ourselves, which was nice.

Spent the day seeing cousins, drinking, eating, making plans to head to Taranaki National Park the next day.

Oh, did play scrabble, and getting Yin on the triple word helped, so thanks Domhnall for posting about seeing “The Big Yin” in march. Billy Connolly.. just seeing as I haven’t mentioned I’m going to see Billy Connolly for a while.

I am, in March. :)

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