West Coast Wilderness Trail

Off to the West Coast for the weekend with Ian & Alison to do the West Coast Wilderness Trail, a nice mostly flat track from Greymouth to Ross.

We drove over after work on the Friday and stayed in a nice little bach in Kumara junction. Then the next morning friends (Dave & Philippa) who live on the West Coast, came over and collected us and brought us to the start of the track in Greymouth. After about, oh, 100m we stopped for a nice coffee ;)

Then a nice ride down the coast back to Kumara junction.

The next day was a bit longer at 70km odd, unfortunately my phone decided to crash half way through so I can’t prove it ;) Anyway, a really nice ride through the bush and alongside old mining & sluicing works.

All in all a very pleasant cycle.

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Barista training

One of the many advantages to being Maaike’s partner is that there’s a decent discount on courses which are run at her institute (if there aren’t enough spaces to fill the course). I have taken advantage of this before with a mixology (cocktail making) course, and I just did a 6 evening course in barista training.

It was actually quite a full on course. I have no idea how many $$$’s of coffee we made, but, at a guess, 30 or so coffee’s an evening – so, around about $900 of coffee.

I’d had a pretty decent leg up already after having worked at Resolve (and now BizDojo Christchurch) where there have been decent coffee machines to use. Anyway, I definitely improved, and while I’m not consistent, I can make a reasonably OK flat white most of the time.

Maaike has been on about buying a coffee machine, but, I dunno, to get a decent machine is very expensive, and then you’d want a decent grinder, and then you’d actually have to have quite a lot of coffee as the beans would deteriorate fairly rapidly. So, for the moment at least I’m going to stick to using the coffee machine in work ;) If you’re in the area and fancy a coffee, come call in :)

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Mike & Jenny

Off up to Castle Hill for Mike & Jenny’s wedding. It’s a beautiful spot up there, just between you me & the gatepost, all the best people get married at Castle Hill ;) They really picked the weekend for it. All this week it has been stormy and massive floods on the North Island, but, for them, it meant the hills had a nice dusting of snow, but the weather for the weekend was perfect.

It was a lovely service, I really enjoyed the readings, especially the one comparing a marriage to life kayaking on a river. I loved meeting Jenny’s family, definitely the most dance-tastic family I have ever met. Yip, really lovely weekend.

We did get out for a bike on the hogs back, such a nice little mountain bike ride.

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HN top 4

There’s a website called hacker news that I read pretty much daily. It’s just a list of links interesting to techy people. Things get voted up if they are deemed interesting. Anyway, I spent a little bit of time playing with a new language called Elixir which I really enjoyed. I worked through this years adventofcode in it and decided to rewrite a little side project of mine using Elixir. It got to number 4 (at least) on Hacker News ->

The toy project is called caster and it’s just a way of managing some videocasts feeds. Good times.

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Pea Pie Pud

Three friends – Paddy, Ian and Mark entered a triathlon so I went along to support. Solid effort from the lads.

I have been slightly lazy / low on energy since getting back to NZ, but, slowly I’ve been getting back into climbing (quite enjoying that), getting for the odd walk up Rapaki. I’m thinking, now that I am a fairly free agent (working remotely) I might make a little more use of the middle of the day / mornings to get some exercise and then maybe work a tiny bit later in the evenings. We’ll see.

Not sure about triathlons though, I would definitely want to get a whole lot more comfortable in the water first (I am so not a water baby)

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