What a wonderful afternoon & evening this was! Yes, after my complaining in the previous post that we didn’t get out much, well we did today! Maaike’s parents looked after Anna for the evening and we headed to the Pannenkoekenhuis with some of Maaike’s old primary school friends (lovely bunch).

Beer was drunk, games were played, more beers were drunk, pancakes were eaten (mine was beer teriyaki! madness, but completely delicious). Bike ride some was just long enough to aid in the digestion process! A lovely afternoon & evening.

Out for dinner


One of the things I have definitely found hardest about being a parent (especially when you’re far away from grandparents/family) is that it’s not simple any more to just go out on dates! Yes it’s possible, but, it means finding a babysitter (with the expense that goes with it), or doing turn and turnabout with friends (better).  Let alone getting away hiking for the weekend or whatever. So, I was really looking forward to living with Maaike’s parents and getting out a bit. We’ve not done it as much as I was hoping for (someone (not me) has been studying quite hard), but, we have got out more often, which has been great.

This evening we went out to holsterhof and it really was just excellent. Right amount of food, nice wine to go with each course, just excellent. We don’t get out that much, but, when we do it is a great evening.

Hopefully a few more of these evenings before we head back to NZ!