Great Taste Trail


We had a day up in Nelson before the wedding and we met up with some friends to bike part of the Great Taste Trail. Maaike had the excellent (and kind) offer that I could just drop them and then immediately leave to bike back to Nelson on my own. It was a very nice ride and really nice to have some alone time and exercise. It’s great all these little cycleways that NZ is putting in. I think with more cycleways, and more (old) people biking (thanks to electric bikes), we’re finally beginning to see some more money put into cycling infrastructure – it’s great to see.

Up around and Down


My friend Paddy Ryan finally got himself a new mountain bike (this has been many years in the coming), so, out for a bimble. Twas very nice to be out in the hills for a few hours on a nice sunny morning.

I definitely find it far too easy to just chill out and play chess / witter away the time, but, once I’m actually out there it’s all good :)