First day of the ski season (for me)


The ski season has been slow to arrive in NZ. July 2023 is the hottest month on record, and that’s not great for ski fields. I think it’s almost certain in my lifetime, if not the next 10 years, that all of the club fields will be closed (and perhaps all of the ski-fields).

Anyway, we took a sneaky midweek day and headed up to Mt Hutt with Ian and Paddy. We left around 7am, maybe a little after, and the top carpark was already full by the time we got there. Now, with that said, they’ve really upped their organisation – there were frequent shuttles up the hill, there were about 10 ticket booths, and queuing for the lifts never took more than about 5 mins… it really was pretty good.

Legs were just screaming by the end of the day!