NZ Secret Santa

A few years ago, a creative kiwi – @websam came up with the idea of running a secret-santa (kriskindl) on a country-wide scale. Basically you sign up on Twitter and you are allocated a random person to send a gift too (it’s all quite anonymous). It has now been taken over and run by the new zealand post secretsanta elves. My friend @alison encouraged me to do it, and I’m super glad I did – it was great fun. There’s a TedX talk of him explaining about it too.

It is random who you get, I was allocated a young lady from Auckland. I was completely terrified. I had nothing in common really. Still, I could see she was into dance & theatre and colour and unicorns & the TV show stranger things. So, I got her some awesome socks and a stranger things figurine. It seemed to go down well enough :)

My own secretsanta was….. ridiculously generous. I think the budget was supposed to be about $30-40 or something, and mine went way over the top! Super generous, very kind, I was really very touched by the lovely letter too. I really need to up my game for next year – that’s for sure! Awesome to finally have a whiskey flask!

2 responses to “NZ Secret Santa

  1. Myra

    I absolutely love this idea!

  2. Patrick

    Well, you could start it in Ireland ;)


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