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The main purpose of my trip to the states was to get to visit the client I work for, problem-attic, in their offices outside of San Francisco. It’s funny, you’d think being remote that maybe there’s no need, or at least not much of value to be gained in visiting, however, it was totally worth it. It was great to meet the team (and parts of the team that I had very little contact with before). I really enjoyed meeting them, a thoroughly nice bunch of people. I also got to meet Grace, a developer who used to work at Problem-Attic that I definitely miss having around :( . Thanks to Dan and the team for showing me a really great time, making me feel like one of the team, and for all the great little local eateries. I really do miss quality Mexican food!. Nyom.

TEAMMATES!Grace Norbert and meDan and meAlcatrazGolden Gate, maybeNot golden gate

I also managed to meet up with David Jones, my old boss from resolve digital who is now working at percy which sounds like it’s a very good startup and sounds very much like it’s on track for great things! I’m extremely excited for him after hearing all about it! He very kindly invited me over for dinner at his & Amy’s place, it was a really lovely evening. Then the morning I was due to fly out we went for a really nice little bike ride up Twin Peaks..

Me and Dave

I did manage to have a quick catch up with cousins who are living in Berkeley. I totally messed up my dates though so I didn’t get to see them all! There had been some massive fires in California which were actually only a few km’s from their house – very lucky in a way. However, knowing what it’s like after big disasters (in our case, earthquakes), I’m quite sure the putting-stuff-back-together-process is going to take quite a while.

It was funny being back in San Francisco, as I’d spent 3 months there when I was 19 on my J1 student visa. I admit to being quite surprised that there wasn’t free Wi-Fi on the BART, I mean, this is silicon valley right? ;) I didn’t quite manage to get to our old apartment on Post street. I remember at the time we thought it a complete rip off at about $1200p/m, sounds like that would be a ridiculously cheap price these days.

All in all a fantastic trip, but, it was still lovely to fly back in over Golden Bay and get a decent flat-white and a pie ;)

pie and coffeeGolden Bay

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