Best day of the season (Cheeseman)

The ski season arrived late, but, it arrived late with a passion. There have been quite a lot of largish snow falls in September. Maaike, Ian and I headed up on a Monday to Cheeseman. There were probably about 30 people on the ski field.. and really immaculate conditions.

The only scary thing was the drive up…

After our last car was stolen, we got a 2005 Subaru Outback. They’re 4wd (well, AWD), decent clearance, should be able to get up a ski field road without too many issues (with chains on anyway). Unfortunately for me, I’m not used to fancy cars with traction control. What happened (or at least, what I think happened) was that as we were driving up, the fancy traction control system thought we were losing traction (back wheels probably were), and so it kills power to those wheels to attempt to regain control. There is a button you can press to turn off part of the traction control system. I only found this out when getting to the top and the guy who’d been following us up the ski field told me about it. So, a non-fun time getting up the ski field, we were driving sideways for a lot of it :(

STILL! once we were up, fresh powder everywhere and just perfect conditions.



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