Burgled :(

Well, it hasn’t happened in a long while, not since the earthquakes actually, but we got burgled while we were out at comedy. They also stole and burned out our car. Mostly it’s the violation of personal space which is the nasty bit. Well, that, and they stole my diary :( probably looking for passwords?! I doubt they’d be able to read the password even if it was written in there…

I spent a bit of time hooking up a Raspberry Pi to do motion detection. It now sends me a notification on telegram if it notices any movement. Still, there’s not much you can do really, if they want to get into the house, well, they will. Oh, I also finally setup a proper backup system (we came very close to loosing everything! – a stupid mistake and we were lucky). Now I use Arq and 1TB of Google Drive. There are probably better/cheaper/whatever ways to do things, but at least it’s done and now all my pictures and important files are encrypted and backed up into the cloud.

In summary.

Make sure your backups are automated and working!

message ends.

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