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So what did I do this week.. hmmm, work was grand, phisio was fine too! – ACC have said they’ll cover it all (really is a great system!), so that’s all good. Had a table quiz in work on the friday night pretty tricksy questions… What’s the longest palindrome in the english language? Starts with RA. Answers on a postcard… ;)

Saturday – went on a river crossing course which was great fun, pretty much the same I think, as the one Glynn and Maeve went on a while ago – they just teach you how to cross a river (methods of linking up etc), things to look out for (i.e can you back out – is there space to get out the other side, is there a margin of safety – and also – is there badness a bit further down the river (e.g are you crossing upstream of a waterfall)). All things to consider :)

But great fun, and a really sound bunch of people too, really looking forward to getting into the college club a bit, they do mountaineering too, so lots to join in on.

Sunday – well a great start to the day when my brother Chris rang saying that ‘Oops, we accidently had transferred the tax-back you got into Dad’s account’. Harumph, see I put in for tax back when I left Ireland, and my friend Liam got 800 euro back or something, so I was expecting about the same, but never heard anything, so pretty much gave up on it. So, yeah, pretty much a bonus of 862 euro or something. Which is definitely nice.

So I went to the Katmandu sale… (patagonia / great outdoors chain of this part of the world). And bought myself some semi-rigid boots which should be well capable of taking crampons, well, actually they’re really quite rigid, but they’re not plastics… so I think they should be fine for the stuff I want to do, though will be asking around a bit – they have a returns policy here..

Then just went out climbing for a single pitch, have to get back training again, been too long out of it, though I guess I’ve just been keeping busy with squash, still, time to get back into it (now that the weather has turned bad ;) me smart.

Maeve turned a 1/4 of a century, had a really cracking dinner here for it – loadsa vino (Glynns sterling choice – he’s currently in OZ climbing with Domhnall) They had an amazing itinerary mapped out so I’m really looking forward to hearing about it.

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