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Well, what a very relaxing last couple of days in work. Though in all fairness I did get all my work completed first of all, and I was told I could play on the net if I did..

So spent a lot of time playing backgammon (if anyone wants a game / to learn just shout ;) go to FIBS and go from there. Well, if you can work it out through an ascii layout and don’t need a funky gui then you can just telnet to 4321

Anyway, so yes, played a bitta backgammon, tis an excellent game. And more correspondance chess with Lorcan and Declan. Quite a neat fun idea really, you play online but the moves are mailed to eachother, so you can just make a couple of moves a day. Mind you, as I said, was playing it quite a bit, which was fine for me, a nice afternoon game, but Dec was up until 02:30 or something. Tactics Tactics you see…

But it was nice, got to listen to my music and just generally chill out. Oh, yeah – a handy travel tip from me! I would highly recommend getting either an ipod or a creative jukebox (or Zen) for travelling. Well as long as you have a good access to mp3s. Of all the things I brought, well, barring perhaps digital camera, it’s just great to have one. Really good for car journeys, cycling ;) 2 weeks of music and the same size as a Walkman… Anyway, my travel tip for today.

So once I’d struggled through my hectic day, it was time to see The Return Of The King.

There was a small mount of advertisement about it.

And I must say, I really enjoyed it a lot. There are, of course, a couple of things I would have liked to see them do, but on the whole it was definitely my favourite. 3 hours though.. be prepared!

Glynn has headed off to OZ to stay with cousins for Christmas. I’m sure he’ll have a great time. Maeve and I are heading to my Aunt on the North Island. So have been doing a little ‘bitta research about it, apparently there are some pretty cool glow-worms to see – my sister Liz, and one of my brothers – Matt, have travelled through NZ and they both highlighted that at something to see. Think we’re going to be heading walking up some volcano too. Believe it still smokes too. Should be a barrel o laughs.

Really odd to have Christmas in the sunshine though.

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