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So it’s been a pretty fun last couple of days, work is grand, fairly busy – and very interesting to get a look at behind the scenes in a recruitment company.. Think I’ve made myself a little bit useful by fixing up their computers… some of it is enough to make one cringe ;) I mean copying things by floppy disk when you have a network between the computers.

Sorry! enough, onto Mad Fun and Interesting things.

Got well pissed last night :D There – is that more like it?! Well it’s also true. Headed out with Julie, one of the 3 ladies in work (I think I’m one of the only blokes in the company!) after work for a sociable drink with Julie and her boyfriend – Matt. Who is cool. And is going to play squash next week, so I’m looking forward to that one. But ’tis funny, her parents lived in Uganda for a number of years, and her brother runs and Irish pub in Kampala… So I’m going to get the name and address of her brothers pub so that the next time mum and dad are in Kampala then can head in for one!

Very small world.

So yeah – was heading out with Matt and Julie, and Matt was determined to take me to a cheap dingy hole of a bar (after we’d enjoyed 2 for 1 offers on the strip)

Which I really enjoyed. Glasses of beer for $2, shots for $1… great place to get started.

And Karaoke. Something I’ve never done before.. Matt was well up for it, and was going to sing Daydream Believer…

So he went up to choose his song and we settled down to wait for it to come up.

Then a while later

“Could Patrick please come up to the stage”

Which was interesting to say the least. So up I went, and managed to follow the words on the screen fairly well (to be honest I only realised it was Galway Bay when I was singing the chorus!)

Then met up with Glynn and Maeve who’d finished dinner (something I’d still not had at 9) and headed out for one more.. took them to the Karaoke bar, just so that they could experience the place.

I think it’s going to be one of my favourites.

Other news.. well – our car failed it’s Warranty Of Fitness (WOF). Reasonably badly. Windscreen and brakes need fixing. I wasn’t expecting too much trouble as I’d got the name of Mr. Dodgy Mechanic. Obviously not dodgy enough. Still, best to know I guess. I imagine it will cost about 1/2 what we paid for the car to get it fixed! Still cheap though.

Other other news, my friend Jennifer got gold in her finals, though personally I think any arts student who gets gold ought to be shot just incase them Artsy Types get ideas above their station.

And finally… I think the Italians have got the right idea to Turn Off their televisions and get out and do things.

That said I’m just about to watch David Attenborough, but I make an exception for him.

Oh – and really finally… Julie hung out with Eddie Izzard for a week when one of her friends was entertaining him in Queenstown. I’m really quite jealous, and asked that if the same sort of things happens when Billy’s in town……. (won’t happen though)

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