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Well, quite the day today really… very very interesting, so as I was saying yesterday I was hoping to get the admin job, and I did.

The sorta twist to the whole thing, is that the Admin job is in a recruitment firm. Co incidentally the same recruitment firm that placed me in the door to door sales job.. You can see where slight embarrassment might arise right?

So, I headed to drop my time-sheet into the lady (note all names are left out ;) (who really is lovely) as I said I would, could have faxed it to her, but decided to call in.

15 mins after leaving her I was in the recruitment company settling in, learning the ropes and generally making myself useful (already fixing e-mail addresses and printers on the network… techies have their uses I guess). Anyway, so at one point the lady rang up, lets call her Alice as a nicely anonymous name. So I was in there formatting CV’s to be sent to a client for acceptance, and Alice rings up.

Me: Hello, this is Patrick from blah how can I help?

Alice: Is this Patrick Davey? This is Alice (remember I left her about 3 hours earlier!)

Me: Yes

Alice: So you managed to find work then?, I’m really happy for you (she really was too, like I said, a very lovely lady)

Me: Yes, I’m just temping for a few days as things are really busy here. (Strictly this is true, I have no idea how long this will go on for, hopefully a while though)

Alice: Well that’s great, can I speak to Bob or Eve?

Me: I’m afraid they’re out at the moment can they ring you back? (not true, but Alice was ringing up a lot)

It’s all a little sad really, as Alice’s venture isn’t working out so well… so it’s a little upsetting for her. To be honest I’m actually really impressed by her, she built her current business from working out of the back of a car – into a large mechanics business, and now she’s moving again. She has bucketloads of enthusiasm, and really is lovely to everyone, but this particular voucher booklet thing she’s got going on, well, it’s going to take some work.

Anyway, rant over, to sum up, Alice at least knows I’m working in the temping agency, so that’s grand, and I’m sure things will work out for her.. eventually.

The other really really *really* annoying thing, was that I got a call about an IT contract for 2 weeks…. well at least I’m marketable. I had to turn it down :( I’d just started my job, it’s got potential for more than two weeks (though it’ll pay probably about 1/2 to 1/3 what I’d get contracting IF I GOT the interview) so I dunno, was really hard turning that down… but I think it’s the right choice.

So employed in a job that I can stick at last!! which is great.. now just need to settle in properly here and meet loadsa new people! Christchurch is just way to reserved!!

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