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A fantastic day really.. well kinda, though it’s been raining for most of it. Off for the interview, went fine – this agency would be more for the admin type roles… so we’ll see what turns up.

Must say though, I was impressed with their testing, for the data entry it simulated a call centre, and you had to listen to the audio and type the data in. Thought that was a better test than a lot of them I’ve come across.

The wouldn’t let me boulder in the Y as there were 60 kids there or something. Which was a little annoying (ok so it was 11am)

Got the key – well went over and joined up – to the Squash Club.. so I’ll be ringing the captain tomorrow and trying to get myself some games… I will be annihilated though seeing as most of these people play 3 or more times a week, whereas I only used to play once.

But the reason it’s a fantastic day – is that (and yes I’m a geek sometimes) is that if you put Patrick Davey into google – this page is the number one hit. No idea what the ranking is, and I very much doubt I’ll stay up there long, but still, it’s nice. And probably attributable to Stephen Downey a friend who put a link from his blog to mine… that one probably tipped the balance (I believe google ranks by the amount of sites that link to yours – amongst other things I guess). Though my brother Matthew did send me this article which talks about how blogs are hurtin’

So anyway, that was nice.

It is freezing here though, which isn’t quite so cool. And for the record – sardines in mustard as a sauce/filler for pasta is amongst the most evil concoctions I’ve ever thrown together.

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