Mike & Jenny

Off up to Castle Hill for Mike & Jenny’s wedding. It’s a beautiful spot up there, just between you me & the gatepost, all the best people get married at Castle Hill ;) They really picked the weekend for it. All this week it has been stormy and massive floods on the North Island, but, for them, it meant the hills had a nice dusting of snow, but the weather for the weekend was perfect.

It was a lovely service, I really enjoyed the readings, especially the one comparing a marriage to life kayaking on a river. I loved meeting Jenny’s family, definitely the most dance-tastic family I have ever met. Yip, really lovely weekend.

We did get out for a bike on the hogs back, such a nice little mountain bike ride.

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HN top 4

There’s a website called hacker news that I read pretty much daily. It’s just a list of links interesting to techy people. Things get voted up if they are deemed interesting. Anyway, I spent a little bit of time playing with a new language called Elixir which I really enjoyed. I worked through this years adventofcode in it and decided to rewrite a little side project of mine using Elixir. It got to number 4 (at least) on Hacker News ->

The toy project is called caster and it’s just a way of managing some videocasts feeds. Good times.

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Pea Pie Pud

Three friends – Paddy, Ian and Mark entered a triathlon so I went along to support. Solid effort from the lads.

I have been slightly lazy / low on energy since getting back to NZ, but, slowly I’ve been getting back into climbing (quite enjoying that), getting for the odd walk up Rapaki. I’m thinking, now that I am a fairly free agent (working remotely) I might make a little more use of the middle of the day / mornings to get some exercise and then maybe work a tiny bit later in the evenings. We’ll see.

Not sure about triathlons though, I would definitely want to get a whole lot more comfortable in the water first (I am so not a water baby)

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Biking the Wakamarina

Well, it wasn’t really so much biking the wakamarina as my friend Mike’s stag. They’re a bunch of extremely talented bikers (at least, extremely coming from where I sit on the couch). It’s a lovely track up by Neslon way, very close to some of the places I went hiking on Outward Bound all those years ago.

Neil did some excellent organising of the weekend. We stayed in this very nice pine valley outdoor centre a really nice little campground/lodge up closeish to where the track is. I’d definitely recommend it.

The biking itself, well, it was hard. I don’t bike remotely as much as the rest of them, so I was probably walking a good 40-50% of the downhill. Neil basically forced me to use a different bike from my own one, as, basically, my 12 year old bike just isn’t quite up to the challenge of this track. Good call too, I’d have walked nearer 80% if not more if I was on my own bike.

Anyway, some pictures… (and thanks to Neil Hudson, Steven Tallott, and Tim Hillsamer for sharing theirs)

Also, a picture of Steve, with his bees, and of the sunset. I do miss living on the hill & having the timelapses going every day. We do have stunning skies in Christchurch.

So yes, a really lovely weekend, congratulations to Mike on making it through relatively unscathed & looking forward to the wedding in a few weeks time.

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Back to reality. Whatever that is.

Long time no post.

It has been great getting back to NZ, seeing all our friends again, getting out biking – summer!, but, even so there’s still quite a bit to do. Finding a house, buying a car (dilemma dilemma), ended up with a Toyota Fielder 4wd. It’s possible we’re the only 4wd fielder in the country. This may (or may not) be a good thing. Anyway, it has 4 wheels, and it seems to go OK.

I’ve been keeping a pretty low profile really. I can’t really complain of struggling, or at least, I can’t complain that I have anything to struggle about, but, I have been quite enjoying taking it easy.

I have also started a slightly new chapter in my working life. After coming back from NZ (and also while in Europe) I started contracting remotely to a US based company. The work is fine (though it is a legacy codebase), and the pay and being remote is nice. But it’s… well, it has the risk of being quite lonely. To combat that, I’ve been working 2 days a week in a co-working space bizdojo-christchurch which is a great little spot. We’ll see how it goes, there are a couple of places here in Christchurch where there are excellent teams that I’d frankly love to work for, but, I’ve wanted to try contracting for a while, and now is a good time to try. I do like (very much) that it’s an education based product – so it ticks my personal box of “something vaguely useful to be doing”.

I also helped out with getting sponsorship for & organising this years Rails Camp which was quite a lot of work, and I’m happy to have it behind me now! It was held up at Cheeseman ski field. Really nice people, really excellent food and drink. I did a tiny tiny amount of programming, and quite a lot of socializing. Now trying to make checklists & documentation so that it’s easier for the next people to organise a camp.

Oh, and timelapsing ;) because, really, why wouldn’t you? ;)

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