Good things from earthquakes

Maaike and I went off for a nice bike ride in the port hills (basically out the backdoor). It’s a nice little loop, climbs steeply up and then along the tops, giving nice views out to the alps and up the coastline.

It’s also election season at the moment. I’ve been volunteering with the greens, just compiling some of their walklist data, calling data etc. Nothing particularly tricky, but, nice to help out. I’d love to see a change in government, something with a bit more of a social conscience. Which is why I was extra annoyed when out biking and seeing the National MP Nik Kurako out campaigning. They were driving along, beeping their horns (against the road code), parking in the bike lanes… super annoying.

I did catch up to him and politely ask if they could stop beeping their horns and parking in the bike lanes. His response was “Move along John, move along”. We “chatted” a bit more, and Nuk, picking up on my accent asked “Was I enjoying living in their country”.. I explained that yes, I was, and that I was a citizen. He then said he was tangata whenua (meaning people of the land / indigenous), which seemed somewhat diversive to me. I mean yes, he is, but, he’s a politician for all of us, or should be. It did give me an excuse to rant on twitter though.

As I biked off, they all beeped.

Well, it’s the election on the 23rd, and I certainly hope National get roundly beaten. Whether they will or not, who knows… it’s a funny old world we live in.

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Midweek Skiing

I’m extremely fortunate to be able to work remotely. It’s mostly a positive thing. I definitely miss being in a team with smarter people around me to ask questions of. That I do miss. What is really nice is to have reasonable autonomy over working hours & days. Maaike has been working quite hard lately and had some overtime owing. So, we took a couple of midweek days and headed South to go skiing at Dobson and Ohau. It’s a lovely drive down past the lakes, and, the major advantage of midweek skiing is that there’s hardly anyone else around. It’s amazing really.

We had a bluebird day at Dobson, and a not-so bluebird day at Ohau. Interestingly, their chairlift kept breaking, apparently having been tempermental all week. We didn’t actually get on the field until 11am or so. What’s most curious is that the chair completely broke later on in the month. That said, in reading that article, it sounds like it really did break properly, but, initial reports made me wonder if they weren’t being entirely honest! I should be more trusting ;)

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We headed up to Cheeseman with Berit and had a beautiful blue bird day. I definitely need to get some lessons. Looking at my go-pro videos’ I still swing wildly from left to right rather than just pointing down the hill and going for it. So much to learn :)

We also had a day hosting the green party while they were canvassing in the area. It has been good to be a little bit more involved. This year things have become a bit more “interesting” of late. Metiria, the Greens co-leader came out and admitted that she’d cheated to obtain more income while on the benefit as a single mother. She didn’t need to admit it, but she chose to to highlight how little it is to live on, and how demeaning. Unfortunately, media is choosing to highlight the illegality (easy to grab onto) rather than highlight the issues she has worked tirelessly on as a politician. It’s a shame that 20 year old sins might mean less votes for the greens. We shall see.

Labour has also elected a new leader, very close to the election. Risky business, but seems to be paying off for them.

Interesting times.

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First day of the ski season – Porters

Well, it was a bit scratchy, but still, great to be back on the slopes.

Ridiculous queues at the start. I think I waited in line for about 50 minutes… it was pretty crazy. I suspect the issue was people picking up their season passes.. but still, nuts. That said, my legs were tired enough by the end of the day, so, it didn’t reaaaallly matter that we had a shorter day than a longer day.

Thanks to Ian and Ali for the lift (seeing as, y’know, our car was burned out…)

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Burgled :(

Well, it hasn’t happened in a long while, not since the earthquakes actually, but we got burgled while we were out at comedy. They also stole and burned out our car. Mostly it’s the violation of personal space which is the nasty bit. Well, that, and they stole my diary :( probably looking for passwords?! I doubt they’d be able to read the password even if it was written in there…

I spent a bit of time hooking up a Raspberry Pi to do motion detection. It now sends me a notification on telegram if it notices any movement. Still, there’s not much you can do really, if they want to get into the house, well, they will. Oh, I also finally setup a proper backup system (we came very close to loosing everything! – a stupid mistake and we were lucky). Now I use Arq and 1TB of Google Drive. There are probably better/cheaper/whatever ways to do things, but at least it’s done and now all my pictures and important files are encrypted and backed up into the cloud.

In summary.

Make sure your backups are automated and working!

message ends.

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