Barista training

One of the many advantages to being Maaike’s partner is that there’s a decent discount on courses which are run at her institute (if there aren’t enough spaces to fill the course). I have taken advantage of this before with a mixology (cocktail making) course, and I just did a 6 evening course in barista training.

It was actually quite a full on course. I have no idea how many $$$’s of coffee we made, but, at a guess, 30 or so coffee’s an evening – so, around about $900 of coffee.

I’d had a pretty decent leg up already after having worked at Resolve (and now BizDojo Christchurch) where there have been decent coffee machines to use. Anyway, I definitely improved, and while I’m not consistent, I can make a reasonably OK flat white most of the time.

Maaike has been on about buying a coffee machine, but, I dunno, to get a decent machine is very expensive, and then you’d want a decent grinder, and then you’d actually have to have quite a lot of coffee as the beans would deteriorate fairly rapidly. So, for the moment at least I’m going to stick to using the coffee machine in work ;) If you’re in the area and fancy a coffee, come call in :)

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