Biking the Wakamarina

Well, it wasn’t really so much biking the wakamarina as my friend Mike’s stag. They’re a bunch of extremely talented bikers (at least, extremely coming from where I sit on the couch). It’s a lovely track up by Neslon way, very close to some of the places I went hiking on Outward Bound all those years ago.

Neil did some excellent organising of the weekend. We stayed in this very nice pine valley outdoor centre a really nice little campground/lodge up closeish to where the track is. I’d definitely recommend it.

The biking itself, well, it was hard. I don’t bike remotely as much as the rest of them, so I was probably walking a good 40-50% of the downhill. Neil basically forced me to use a different bike from my own one, as, basically, my 12 year old bike just isn’t quite up to the challenge of this track. Good call too, I’d have walked nearer 80% if not more if I was on my own bike.

Anyway, some pictures… (and thanks to Neil Hudson, Steven Tallott, and Tim Hillsamer for sharing theirs)

Also, a picture of Steve, with his bees, and of the sunset. I do miss living on the hill & having the timelapses going every day. We do have stunning skies in Christchurch.

So yes, a really lovely weekend, congratulations to Mike on making it through relatively unscathed & looking forward to the wedding in a few weeks time.

2 responses to “Biking the Wakamarina

  1. Ian

    Track looks great- will add to the ‘to do’ list!

    • Patrick

      It’s good! But damn it was hard! It’s not do it again without getting a new decent bike, and probably going on some skills courses.


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