Back to reality. Whatever that is.

Long time no post.

It has been great getting back to NZ, seeing all our friends again, getting out biking – summer!, but, even so there’s still quite a bit to do. Finding a house, buying a car (dilemma dilemma), ended up with a Toyota Fielder 4wd. It’s possible we’re the only 4wd fielder in the country. This may (or may not) be a good thing. Anyway, it has 4 wheels, and it seems to go OK.

I’ve been keeping a pretty low profile really. I can’t really complain of struggling, or at least, I can’t complain that I have anything to struggle about, but, I have been quite enjoying taking it easy.

I have also started a slightly new chapter in my working life. After coming back from NZ (and also while in Europe) I started contracting remotely to a US based company. The work is fine (though it is a legacy codebase), and the pay and being remote is nice. But it’s… well, it has the risk of being quite lonely. To combat that, I’ve been working 2 days a week in a co-working space bizdojo-christchurch which is a great little spot. We’ll see how it goes, there are a couple of places here in Christchurch where there are excellent teams that I’d frankly love to work for, but, I’ve wanted to try contracting for a while, and now is a good time to try. I do like (very much) that it’s an education based product – so it ticks my personal box of “something vaguely useful to be doing”.

I also helped out with getting sponsorship for & organising this years Rails Camp which was quite a lot of work, and I’m happy to have it behind me now! It was held up at Cheeseman ski field. Really nice people, really excellent food and drink. I did a tiny tiny amount of programming, and quite a lot of socializing. Now trying to make checklists & documentation so that it’s easier for the next people to organise a camp.

Oh, and timelapsing ;) because, really, why wouldn’t you? ;)

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