First Christmas in Ireland in 14 years

It was a lovely few weeks back in Dublin after The Netherlands. I’ve not actually been back in Dublin for Christmas since leaving to New Zealand. Christmas is when everyone comes back so it’s a very social time. I caught up with old primary school friends, and, as you can see, we’ve hardly changed ;)

We went for a walk with the Shankill tidy-towns group, along the very nice walkway from Greystones to Bray. I’m not sure when that was opened, but it’s a great little walk (if quite popular)

Christmas dinner was fantastic. It has never felt right having Christmas in the hot summer sunshine in New Zealand, so it was great to have the lights and the darkness and the piles of food and carols and a proper Christmas!

Then more walks, more catching up with friends, just really great times. Also, Maaike’s cousins Geke & Inge were in town, so we had a lovely day hanging out with them.

And then, surprisingly quickly, it was time to fly back to New Zealand.

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