Protected Outward Bound

Please email for the password if I haven’t already given it to you. The reason it’s protected is simply so that information about Outward Bound isn’t too easily accessible as it’d spoil the fun if people who were going to go on the course could get info on it toooo easily!

5 responses to “Protected Outward Bound


    just spotted your blog and one of my daughters may be interested in doing the NZ Outward bound and I was just keen to hear some first hand experiences.

    • Patrick

      Hey Rob,

      Have emailed you the password, just to re-iterate!… don’t give away the secrets – and definitely send her on it – it’s a brilliant brilliant course to do (but not easy!)

  2. dave

    Hey lovely, im in Kathmandu, kicking back and we have wifi at the hostel, can you send me the pasword so i can have a read?
    thanks, Dave

  3. Declan

    Doh! Can I have the password too… I think the fact its been labelled a ‘secret’ post makes me want to see it even more.

    By the way, did I tell you I’m leaving the Army? Yep, shame – I really enjoy it but now is the time to go. Myself and Grainne are moving to San Diego for at least a year. Also, Seamus is definitely on the way back to you – he just wanted to stay for a while longer. Whats your current address?

  4. Jen O'B

    Got your postcard! Thank you. Am really curious so a password would be most lovely.


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