Good things from earthquakes

Maaike and I went off for a nice bike ride in the port hills (basically out the backdoor). It’s a nice little loop, climbs steeply up and then along the tops, giving nice views out to the alps and up the coastline.

It’s also election season at the moment. I’ve been volunteering with the greens, just compiling some of their walklist data, calling data etc. Nothing particularly tricky, but, nice to help out. I’d love to see a change in government, something with a bit more of a social conscience. Which is why I was extra annoyed when out biking and seeing the National MP Nik Kurako out campaigning. They were driving along, beeping their horns (against the road code), parking in the bike lanes… super annoying.

I did catch up to him and politely ask if they could stop beeping their horns and parking in the bike lanes. His response was “Move along John, move along”. We “chatted” a bit more, and Nuk, picking up on my accent asked “Was I enjoying living in their country”.. I explained that yes, I was, and that I was a citizen. He then said he was tangata whenua (meaning people of the land / indigenous), which seemed somewhat diversive to me. I mean yes, he is, but, he’s a politician for all of us, or should be. It did give me an excuse to rant on twitter though.

As I biked off, they all beeped.

Well, it’s the election on the 23rd, and I certainly hope National get roundly beaten. Whether they will or not, who knows… it’s a funny old world we live in.

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