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So the last couple of days have been spent applying for various jobs and visiting recruitment agencies… slow going for the most part… but not too bad.

On the IT side of things… well… there seems to be very little.. and what there is, for someone with my visa would all be contract work. Now contracts to me always seemed a little scary.. but I suppose it’s just a fancy word for Temp Work. Technically when I was in Vancouver working I was being billed as a contractor. The silly thing was that I completely forgot to file my tax returns…. Ahhh well… my fault ;)

Settling in here though… slowly admittedly, but it is getting a little easier, and I get lost less often in town! so that’s nice too :)

In fact, I’m beginning to think that a job might get in the way of having a Good Time, but I guess the moola would be nice too.

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