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Great, my second attempt at writing this entry as Opera managed to crash just as I’d finished it. Ahh well, so this may not be quite as witty and entertaining..

So twas a pretty productive day really, got a mobile (had to buy a new one as my old one was locked to O2, which was a little annoying, but not quite the end of the entire world, though it was looking close there for a little while. Still, it’s a nicer model, and I’ve now entered the world of Predictive Texting.. the excitement never stops ;)

Oh – the number : +64 21 1632139, still, this one isn’t locked to any network so as least I can use it when I get home..

What else.. yes – I might suggest seeing if you can get your mobile unlocked before leaving to travel.. might be a good idea… I’m sure there are people who know people who can do these things… respectable people ;)

So yes, the other large capital investment was a bike. Eventually found a decently priced second hand bike (this had nothing to do with the fact that when I got home I found I had a puncture…. ;) hehehe, still, the bloke selling it seemed descent enough so I hope they’ll fix it for free tomorrow. Hopefully anyway…

So yes, that was the main news, didn’t go climbing in the end of it, was too distraught after my bike having a puncture that ice-cream and maple syrup was the only solution. Mind you, the ice-cream isn’t too bad over here, which is defiantly a good thing!

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